High Sierra Initial Impressions

I’m a day-one adopter of the public final release. I installed the OS clean using the following steps;

Download application installer bundle from the Mac App Store.
Used ‘createinstallmedia’ from a command line to create a USB flash drive installer.
Formatted my drive as APFS and performed a clean install.
I set all my system preferences the way I like them.
I added my online accounts (iCloud, Google, etc.)
I installed any apps like iWork etc.

I have not found any impacting issues thus far. The OS seems fast, responsive and stable. It seems that the ‘formatted capacity’ of my SSD has increased slightly, due to the new filesystem. I was on HFS+ before, when I was running Sierra.

Here’s a miscellaneous list of changes I’ve noticed right off the bat, in no particular order;

Messages application dropped XMPP/Jabber support.
Messages application can no longer participate in zero-conf local IMs. (Message nearby users via Bonjour)
Siri voice is really nice.
Mail feels a bit quicker to launch and connect to IMAP servers.

And here’s a list of the few ‘mildly broken’ things that I hoped would be resolved in this release, but don’t seem to be yet.

Arabesque screen effect still renders butt-slow.
When changing from light to dark menu bar/dock, the menu bar mis-draws only in Finder until you logout and login again. Odd – reminds me of things in the Leopard pre-releases.
CreateInstallMedia script doesn’t like using a USB3 flash drive on 2014 Mac mini, and a 2017 MacBook Air – data transfer to the flash drive starts off slow (less than a megabyte per second) then stalls after writing about 160 megs to the drive. The process just ceases to work but doesn’t actually hang.

These are my initial observations.

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